Free Your Mind, And Your Legs Will Follow

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Topang Road Riding

Descending Tuna Canyon - Ritte from Ritte Racing on Vimeo.
This descent/climb is a mile from my house, it is amazing and I am glad to ride it once a week.
- JB

Big Bear Bike Packing Trip

Last Wednesday we took a trip out to Big Bear Lake, CA. It was amazing. We got into the campsite late and set up while looking at the map of the area. A customer of the shop Erik showed up and was excited to camp with Chris and I. We woke up and made some breakfast and set up a plan to ride around the entire lake on dirt roads. We had a 40 mile route in mind with a couple thousand feet of climbing. This was the first time that the El Mar was fully loaded so it was a test to use some of the gear as well. The area was stunning and the views were amazing. I didn't expect this north woods feel when I moved out here but Cali definitely has everything. We got stuck in a rainstorm even when we were out on the trails. My boss Chris took a nasty spill but trooped it out and made it to the end. We enjoyed each others company this day and ended at a diner in town eating German food and drinking beer. Doesn't get any better. 

- JB

Thursday, July 3, 2014

JPL Trip Last Wednesday

A customer of the shop, John, works at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA so we went out to camp and visit with him. He lives close to the facility and a cool campground so we met him late Tuesday night along with another friend of the shop Erinn. Chris, Jeo, Errin, Jon, and I made our way up to the campsite through some single track and set up camp while making a quick fire. This was the warmest I have camped in since being in California and it was pretty nice. We had some leftover barbeque chicken mixed in with some chicken/dried rice vacuum sealed camp meal and it was delicious. After drinking a beer or two it was time to hit the hay. In the morning we made our way onto the JPL property and Jon gave us the quick tour. It was awesome seeing everything they do for NASA and all of the Mars rovers and such. Very very cool. We then had lunch in Pasadena and slowly made our way back up the mountain to Topanga. All in all a great trip to JPL, thanks Jon!

- JB