Free Your Mind, And Your Legs Will Follow

Friday, January 28, 2011


I give you 4 pictures: Commuting on frozen days trying to meet mileage goals for the month, phil brown doing a shot of pure jalapeno juice and seeds, ryan scannura aka the hippest kid in town, 'Merican thats ready to rock 'n roll (blow up the picture and look at the liscense plate). In no particular order....see if you can find out which is which! Enjoy....almost to my mileage goal of 500 miles this month, will be doing over that before monday easily. Peace out my friends...well some of you...

- JB

Thursday, January 27, 2011


The amazing Quarq powermeter. Not much more added weight, ANT+ technology, run lighter wheels, only downside is it is a hassle to swap between bikes where the powertap is not. Justin's new team Wheel Fast Tarmac...I expect big results this year Justin.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Park Tool Tech Summit

Attended the 2011 Park Tool Tech Summit Monday and Tuesday of this week with Phillip Brown from Salvagetti Bicycle Shop in Denver Colorado. Great to get motivated and do some thinking about the repair work we do in our shop and also to learn some new tricks and techniques for working on certain things. Overall, the trip was a good investment and brought new ideas into my head. Great to spend some time with Phil and do some catching up and also good to see Dr. Dert in the city...Hopleaf is always amazing. Time to get some more miles in before the end of the month!

- JB

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ghost Trails

Just finished this book. Amazing story! Jill does a great job of putting raw emotions into words and describing events and feelings very well.

Quote of the day (the joy of cycling):

"And even when the cycling became a simple extension of my routine, even when I left the house every afternoon only to ride the same hills and trails, there was something in the moment, an antidote, that felt both refreshing and regenerative. And, suddenly, the 45-minute drive to and from work didn't hurt so much; the wedding announcement-frantic customers didn't scream so loud; the hot summer afternoons didn't wear so deep and the evenings didn't feel so lonely, even as I spent more and more time alone in the sun.

Cycling offered a new balance that showed me there was still the possibility I could be happy in my drive-sit-eat lifestyle, because always in the back of my mind I remembered the roads still stretched out limitlessly, and the simple act of turning cranks had the potential to jolt my weary heart to new highs."

Everyone should buy this book....then read it.

- JB

Masi Build

Built Ryan's new pista afterhours on thursday. Masi Coltello frame and Masi carbon fork, all-city crank, pedals, and straps, fsa-47t chainring, white kmc chain, 1/8 inch wheels and bar, thomson seat post, surly 15t cog and lockring, vittoria tires, selle san marco white regal saddle to come, and stem needs to be picked out. Thing is Delicious!

- JB

Thursday, January 20, 2011


We have some exciting custom Masi builds going on in the store, including Ryan's Coltello pista and a SSCX....more photos to come!

- JB

Monday, January 17, 2011


Goals for mileage before the Trans-Iowa:

Current: 300 miles in January

January Goals: 500-600 miles
February Goals: 700-800 miles
March Goals: 1000+ miles
April: 700-800 miles before the race on April 23-24th

Will keep you updated on where I am at through the coming months.

Don't let your meat loaf.

- JB

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Thanks to my good friend, old boss, new lover of borax: Tobie at NCC for sending me this link to a very cool print about bicycles. Here is the link to the original site if you want a hand signed copy.

Thursdays Commute

Brutally cold commute today, temps in the single digits. Had chemical toe warmers going, thick knee high wool socks, fleece bib knickers, wind-proof thermal bibs, mesh undershirt, thick wool jersey, thermal jersey, thermal jacket, balaclava, hat, neck warmer, wool gloves with windproof shell over them, neoprene shoe covers....basically looked like a space man. The trail was in rough shape, lots of drifts that were 6-12" deep that the jolly green giant (aka Salsa Mariachi) got pretty "loose" through, fishtailing all over the place. Also, never trust anything with snow over it because there is a good chance there is ice under it....especially around turns. I didn't crash but did some dual tire slides a couple of times...thanks WTB Exiwolfs for having a ton of traction. Other than that looking forward to doing it all the DARK here in a couple hours! Try and squeeze some miles out tomorrow on the day off as well. I hope this stuff melts soon! If I can get out and ride in the this stuff....whats your excuse? Get on the bike and go!

- JB

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Ari took this killer photo from months ago of the monster known as Brian Conant and myself. Fun times...did BC win Chicago cup for masters or pros?

...just looked it up, IL state Champion in 40+, and overall leader of Mens Cat 1/2/3...congrats Brian

Monday, January 10, 2011

Week in Review

Riding since new years:

Sat (NYD): 20 miles w/ Ari and Gumby
Sun: 25 miles w/ Ari
Mon: 25 mile commute
Tues: 25 mile commute
Wed: 25 mile commute
Thursday: 25 mile commute
Friday: 20 miles in snow covered Washington Park
Saturday: 25 mile commute
Sunday: Day of Sickness and Rest
Today: 25 mile commute

So, the steady miles begin...can't wait for warmer temps to start the long miles

- JB

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bandy...the Bandball

Being the mechanic at a bike shop and also being 1 of 2 people that work at Wheel Fast...I build a lot of bikes. I would say any bike contains 1-4 rubber bands with it. This is an idea of how many bikes I've built this year...yea....

Feliz Cumpleanos a Ari

- JB

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Riding

Went on a bitter cold ride with Ari and Gumby on New Years day. The wind was cruising at over 30 mph and temps were below zero. We headed south and warmed up in the shelter of Afton Forest Preserve where we did some cross riding. Great to get out and spin the legs...even with 4 hours of sleep... 20 miles accomplished. The following Sunday I rolled out of bed with a hangover and Ari and I went out again with slightly warmer temps in the teens. Thanks to Ari for letting me borrow some gear since my head was in another place while packing... We stopped at Caseys in Waterman, IL and scoped the selection in TI preparation. The camera was so cold it almost did not turn on and did some funky things taking video instead of pictures. We again ended up in Afton and cruised around and did some mutant riding through corn fields. 25 miles for the day and some good training. The Gunnar felt amazing and is dialed without even having to touch a thing, Ari was probably sick of me telling him how nice it was... he knows cause he owns one!! Anyhow, some good company and good riding this weekend. Going to be training balls to the wall from here to April for the Trans Iowa. More commuting and riding this week, I suggest you do the same!

- JB

2010 Quick Year in Review

2010 started off by me making the move from DeKalb, IL to Springfield, IL. Light riding to begin the year and as I got more settled that picked up. Another great time at Frostbike held by QBP up in Bloomington, MN with Joel, Tobie, and Ari. I defended my Masters thesis in May and graduated with my M.S. from NIU. Began my full time employment at Wheel Fast in March and am very happy to be working here. I have a great boss, atmosphere, and co-workers. The shop is much like my old shop NCC which I miss but keep in touch with all those guys so its almost like I never left. Pounded some hard road miles this year and met an amazing group of friends and riders down here. Very happy to live in a town were there is always a group ride going on rain or shine. Did a lot of cool rides including the NG111, Hannibal Missouri, Capital City Century, etc. Ended up with a crack in the BMC frame and got a new road frame, also bought the Gunnar Crosshairs this year. Got entered into Trans Iowa which I am extremely excited about....excited to do some hard training before the ride in 2011, meet new friends, and enjoy a long day of vitamin G. Also, excited about the whole process of bike setup, equipment setup, training, map holders, etc. Met a new girly this year who is very supportive of me working in the cycling industry, understands my passion for cycling, and encourages me to ride. Ended the year with 6500 miles and plan on doing even more in 2011 (I would guess 2000 if not more of these miles were commuting). Hope everyone had a great year and has an excellent 2011! Thanks to everyone who has been following and reading my blog this year and thanks for all of the comments! All the best.

- JB