Free Your Mind, And Your Legs Will Follow

Friday, September 30, 2011

Onward to the HECK

Heading up to Duluth for Jeremy Kershaw's Heck of the North. Excited to explore northern Minnesota and battle it out on the gravel roads of the native DBD. I will battle it out on the hills giving it all I have. Still planning on how to prepare the bike....frame bag, no frame bag? Stayed at my very gracious hosts Ari and Jamie's house and was fed a "manly" meal to provide me with some energy on Saturday. I will miss the rest of my Slender Fungus crew as they were not able to make it this weekend....they will be with me in my thoughts as my legs burn on the hills of Duluth.

Have an excellent weekend, pics and recap to follow.

- JB

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Beautiful sunset

Some cool rain clouds

fixed gear fun


Ride your bikes

- Jb

Monday, September 26, 2011


My favorite time of the year has arrived. Cooler temperatures in the evenings, beautiful sunsets, night rides, knickers and wool jerseys, beers, chili, all the goodness! Excited for the Heck of the North this weekend. Very excited to meet and ride with some very talented riders and explore northern MN which I have never traveled to even though I was born in the state... Should be good, I plan on the DBD going ape shit and tearing people's legs off. Trying to get a couple 40-50 mile rides in before my departure date on Friday morning. Get out and ride dem bykes!

- JB

Friday, September 23, 2011


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Heck of the North, Solo representation from the slender fungus....going to be a loonnnnngggg drive

- JB

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Few Odds n Ends

This company makes some great stuff....

The bike trail I ride everyday to work is covered with tens of thousands of sunflowers....its pretty neat to see them all every morning

My new print from Hiawatha....RIDE GRAVEL!

Surly Crosscheck for a special Bahhdddyyyy of mine...gonna be an awesome build, stay posted

Freak bikes 69'in in the back of the shop

Enjoy your day....

- JB

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Full Interbike Recap. Part III

Oh Dario, you're so dreamy....

Me on the way over 1000 stuff

Moonlander....starring in Apollo 666

Sparkly Masi

Super Pista


Belgium or Germany colors

UK and Brazil

Stealth mode Look

Sram giveaway

PDW old velodrome, sold to All-City

Steep banked walls

Cross Vegas! Elite men

This course was very long, and had some tricky parts to it, beer was flowing

Me and my old boss and friend Delfino

The finishers....Rabobank first place Lars Vander Harr or something like that...

Las Vegas was an experience for sure. I have wanted to go to Interbike for a long time and only having been to Frostbike previously I was blown away at the size of the show. There were vendors and distributors that I have never even heard of before. It was good talking to the main people behind the brands we carry, making new connections, and talking to everyone out there about their products. It is an awesome experience to be amongst like minded people and get the creative juices flowing and ideas for the next season. I thank my boss for taking me down there and my buddy Dave for covering for me at the shop so I could come down. Great to see my bro from LA for a couple days and overall a fantastic couple of days!

- JB

Monday, September 19, 2011

Full Interbike Recap. Part II

Phil Wood....always awesome

High flanges

I AM buying this frame....All City - Space Horse

Ti Mukluk loaded up and ready to go

Futuristic Cinelli Pista

One of the very cool things Calfee is doing is making a Di2 battery that fits in an ENVE seatpost...keep your downtube looking sharp

Beautiful work that Calfee does with carbon fiber

This is the coolest rando setup ive ever seen....Velo Orange, what a great company

Brooks always keeping it classy

Cable to hydraulic disc converter....whatttttt???

I was very impressed by the new Fizik saddles....the light grey carbon gives some flex like a brooks and you can actually adjust the tension on the saddle too

Phil internal hub shell

Gorgeous handbuilt displaying some nice chrome phil wood parts

You might recognize this name....

The men....loading up on schwag

Part III tomorrow.....

Friday, September 16, 2011

Full Interbike Recap. Part I

Great photos of the grand canyon and surrounding areas from the plane

Got to meet up with my good friend Phil from Denver, CO and his coworker Joe to bomb some mountains on full suspension 29'ers

The wonderful people and products of Salsa Cycles. Example: Jason Boucher (person not product). Jason sounds like he has some big tours lined up for next year....

Tons of people at the dirt demo

The hottest bike at the show....made by Chris King

Andy, Matt, and I, after a rip on the course

Partied hard on the town....a little too hard for bro watching the fountains

The fountains

Cav's bike

Super 75's

RitcheyCX bike

Another pic of the Ritchey seat/headtube/seatstay junction....clean

Part II tomorrow.....

- JB