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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Proof Of Destruction

In order for BMC to send me a new frame they needed to see proof of destruction on the old cracked I sawed the down tube and sent them a picture. Seems a bit ridiculous that you have to destroy your bike before you can get a new one...but hopefully everything works out. This was extremely hard to put a saw to this bike because I have had so many wonderful memories on it and it fit me like no bike has ever fit before...I loved this bike. BMC is sending me a 2009 sl01 to replace the cracked 2007. This should be a brand new frame with new seatpost and new fork...the color will be black with neon green, I am very excited, also adding some Campy record into the mix to replace some chorus that I am currently riding. Pictures to soon as the bike does. Peace.
- JB

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Night Riding

The new DiNotte

25 mile night it

Good gloves, handlebar mounted light

Wool socks

The sun has been setting earlier and earlier and commuting home is no longer in the daylight. Even if I want to go for a ride after work it is a must to have lights on and be visible to the cars as well as have a strong light to see the trail. Here are a few things that you need to have for night riding (things you may or may not know). A good jacket is a must for night riding and keeping your lungs warm. Dress in layers and bring extra layers in case the temperature drops on you while you are out on the road. Wool is the magic material. Wool socks, jerseys, gloves, and hats are essential for night/winter riding. It is a wonderful fabric that keeps you warm and dry. A dual light system is mounted on the handlebars to constantly be pointed in the direction in the bike, and one that is helmet mounted so you can scan your surroundings. 200 lumens is recommended at least, check out light and motion, nightrider, and dinotte for lights. A tail light is also needed. I like the planet bike super flash and anything that knog makes. Keeping the ears covered with a warm cap or balaclava in the winter will allow your head to stay warm and keep you riding the long miles. Sunglasses with interchangeable clear lens are great so you can keep the wind and bugs out of your eyes...vented lens are preffered so no fogging occurs. When the temperature drops it is a must to keep the feet warm....toe covers, shoe covers, winter riding shoes (lake) are great. These are a few basics for starting the night cross riding, there are definitely more things to consider with winter riding but that will come later....for now, gear up and hit the trail in the dark!

- JB

Thursday, September 23, 2010

If Darth Vader Had A Bike.....

Finished P4 Di2 Project...minus 7900 cranks

Water bottle?

...nope its the home to the battery

Some finished Cerevelo P4 pics....this bike was insane ~ $15K


The blog has now been set up so anyone can comment on my posts....have fun

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The crack.......

The BMC....cracked out of its mind


Secret T.I. V7 machine

Noticed a hairline crack in the aluminum BMC the other day. The crack is on the very top front end of the seat tube where the seatpost is inserted. There are two bolts on the backside to clamp the seatpost down. I have maybe tightened these bolts twice since having the bike for almost two years now. The guy at BMC said he has seen a few SL01's do this and they might replace the frame with a newer version....fingers crossed. I might expect this from carbon fiber....but not aluminum. I hate seeing this bike damaged because it is sooooo comfortable and rides so nice.

- JB

Monday, September 20, 2010

Product Test: S-Works & Look

The 2011 S-works Road shoes, Look Keo 2 Max pedals favorite

White pedals go with the other white on my bike


White and Black

Recieved a new set of pedals for the first time in about 6 years, as well as a very very needed new pair of shoes. The look pedals were what I started riding on about 6 years ago...then switched to speedplays and rode those for about 4-5 years. The speedplays were great and gave a lot of movement so I was a little worried when I purchased the looks as if I would have knee problems. The pedals are great, stiff, smooth...and have a large platform which feels really nice when you are out of the saddle going up a hill or sprinting. The S-works road shoes felt like putting slippers on....the most comfortable shoes I have ever ridden. The first thing I noticed was how stiff they were. I could feel an instant power transfer. The dual boa system allows for narrow or wide feet, as well as thin or thicker wool socks. I am VERY pleased with this set up and look forward to riding lots of miles on these bad boys! ....and it just so happens that we have both in stock and available at Wheel Fast.... how convenient. Future product updates will include my oakley jawbone sunglasses and my new dinotte light. RIDEYOURBIKES

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just a random thought....

The BMC chillin

Be leary of carbon fiber components.....Alpha Q fork snap

Alpha Q failure

14 lb S-works Tarmac SL3

Things that are pleasing to my eyes

Robo with the brightest S-works SL3 ever

S-works graphics and colors

Colder weather is approaching....
Birds eye and green...
A repair I worked on, if you build wheels...this is a nightmare
Vacation in SC with my dad
Cool driftwood, Hunting Island, SC
Hope everyone is out on the bicycles...put the miles in!!!
- JB

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Cruisin to the ride with a beard 6 a.m.


The group meeting up


Wheel Fast domination

Group of 25 or 30 of us stayed together

Nasty salt stained back

With the alcohol in my blood keeping me warm from the night before, I left my house at 6 a.m. Rode out to the start and met some friends and co-workers. We departed at 7 a.m. and kept a steady pace out to Auburn where the first rest stop was. From there we did 3 loops and rode back into town for 100 miles. The wind was from the west and every loop took us west at some point. We cruised over 30 mph at some points and sprinted others. The overall average was 20 mph for 100 miles and 5 hour ride time. I rode home at this point and ended with 120 miles for the day. Good to meet some new people and ride with others I haven't spent some time in the saddle with in a while. Good ride, thanks to everyone who helped put it on (including my boss Matt who worked his ass off). For most this will be the last long ride of the season....for me, its just the beginning....longer rides still to come with the cool weather!

- JB

Thursday, September 9, 2010


A father brings in his two kid's is named the slumber party...the other....the intruder....WRONG! ...or very right?? no no, definitely wrong


This is the egg brake from Simkins Design expensive front break made for TT bikes without an integrated or hidden front brake. This is going on the Cerevelo P4 shown below with the Di2...gonna be decked out!

- JB


$5K in components.... yea.....

Shifting setup

Shift on the brake levers....

...or in the aerobars

Clean setup under the Easton bars

Matt drilling into $5500 of carbon

The future home of the battery

Clean exit for the rear derailleur cable

A customer of Wheel Fast, Dan Dungan, came in with his new Cervelo P4 and wanted Shimano Dura-Ace Di2. We said hell yes...ordered it...thought about it a lot...drilled it...installed it...made it look like darth vader...and sent him on his way. This was by far the most challenging project I have seen in a long time. Matt did a great job installing and drilling everything and I tried to take a break from working on Magnas to help here and there...pretty cool stuff. Get some Di2!!!

- JB