Free Your Mind, And Your Legs Will Follow

Friday, June 28, 2013

Canopy Weekend

I have been riding a lot of dirt lately and practicing my mountain biking skills up in Lake Geneva. We had a good group and Dean (a customer at the shop) showed up with his spearfish and loved his first time up at the canopy tours. Come join me some time, its a blast!

- JB

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Mountain Biking

Mr. Mike Naughton picked me up in the sprinter van and we headed up to the Canopy Tours in Lake Geneva. That place is awesome to ride. Really quick laps and some different terrain. Saw my buddy David who was up riding with his Dad. Mike and I did a quick loop with David before he had to take off. Then we rode the 3-4 miles over to the Grand Geneva resort where they hold the WORS race in the fall. These trails hadn't been ridden or maintained in a while but were surprising in good shape. The trails were much more fun than I remember and Mike started to beat me up with his consistent pace. I was on the single speed....sweating my ass off....and we weren't even going that hard. Guess I just haven't ridden too hard since my knee healed up. The Grand was great and we cruised back to Canopy to do one more loop where my exhaustion caused me to hit my face on a tree over a log pile and take another spill....always fun. We had a great day and headed to Geneva Lake Tap Room for a quick wheat beer before we headed home. Also, we saw a 2-person scooter gang on the way up, in Lake Geneva, AND on the way back.....awesome, cruisning 45 mph on the shoulder of the highway, gettin' it done! Mike is a great training partner and always pushes me on the mountain bike. 

- JB

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Went over to my buddy Mike's house to overhaul the Mariachi and set up my wheels as tubeless. I overhualed both hubs, set the wheels up tubeless, cleaned the drivetrain, installed new brake pads, cleaned the frame and wheels, and drank a few beers. Mike is an expert with tubeless wheels and helped me get set up. I love how light the wheels feel and how the bike handles so differently at lower pressures. WHY HAVE I WAITED SO LONG!?!? the only question that goes through my head. Mike graciously offered for me to take his entry at the Lumberjack 100 in Michigan this weekend but my knee has really been bugging me and I don't think it can handle 100 miles of single track. After 10 miles on the road my knee gets shooting pain in it and I can't even put any pressure on it. I have taken the past few days off and am trying to let it heal on its own. 

I will be mountain biking before work in Stern's Woods and taking more mountain biking trips from now on. I love mountain biking and am making a solid effort to ride more this year in the dirt. 

- JB

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


This Vogel is a thing of beauty. Wow! My dream road bike. Another classy touch by the Rapha guys.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

GTDRI Recon Mission #1

Our fearless leader rocking the blue blockers

These horses galloped with us as we rode along a gravel road beside them, our kinsmen. 

Derek rocking an awesome Campy jersey from the 80's on his Singular 

We met up with Chris, a veterinarian from Bellevue who we ran into on a B-road last year. He was so surprised to see other riders....we were so surprised to see him. We became friends and he has guided us to some awesome roads.  

Iowa is flat

an awesome ridge road....several that we rode on Sunday

Derek, Ari, and Jakey cruising 

Chris led us to the most hidden B-road was muddy, it was awesome....

Celebrator goats celebrating in IA

You really have to zoom in to see how bad this hill was.....this was the worst hill I have ever ridden, and this is only from half way up the, what a doozy

Chris had to part ways, we thanked him for being such a good guide

True beauty, it doesn't get much better than this

Kalmes had some great foods and very gracious and hospitable employees, we had a feast for $60 for 6 people w/ beers. wow. 

night stalker, Jake, Agatha, Derek's hand

Ari, Derek, and I finished the ride into the night

The wheezy Moroccan assassin  

75 miles, all day of riding, scouting, planning, and enjoying some freedom in Iowa....our favorite place

We ventured (fairly late in the day) to Iowa for a scouting ride for the Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational. This ride will be happening on July 14th if you can make it, it is going to be a great great ride with great great people. Unfortunately for me I will be in California at this time spending time with my mother and brother. The rest of the team will be embarking on a great ride with camping/beer/laughter. We went scouting to find some new roads to include in this years route. We met up with Derek in Sycamore and cruised to Iowa to meet up with Agatha, Jake, and Chris. Agatha went to ride some single track north of where we were scouting and we embarked on a journey. Chris, a veterinarian from Bellevue showed us some new roads and helped us exclude some pavement in which we had plotted into the route. He knew so much about the area and is a great resource/riding partner to have in that area. We had  a great time, lots of laughs, and enjoyed the low blood pressure that Iowa brings to us. What a great time....more scouting to come before July 14th. If you don't have anything going on this day PLEASE show up to this ride, its going to be one for the books!

- Jay