Free Your Mind, And Your Legs Will Follow

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sunday Ride

Deep Concentration

Cool Field


Cool Clouds

End of the line in Salisbury...I wanted a bud

Neat Flower

My new best cucumbers!
Rode a quick 50 miles solo on Sunday. Just took the Mack course and then headed out to Salisbury getting in some little rollers and some peace and quiet. The ride was nice, saw a couple cool flowers along the way...the clouds in the sky provided some shade and overall it wasn't overly humid or hot which was great. On the way home I hit this grinder of a hill and was slowly climbing it to reach the top and realize that some country house was giving away some of the excess veggies they had. I looked through the selection and stuck a cucumber in my jersey pocket and away I went. Had a nice sandwich on the way home with some fresh farm-picked cucumber courtesy of my new mystery best friends. Hope everyone is putting the miles in!
- JB


This is the one of a kind full-suspension/hardtail....amazing!


The new move put me about 12 miles away from work (2 miles further than my old place) so the commute + 1 lap around the park = 25 miles. Been extremely hot and riding with a backpack sucks but is definitely necessary. If you don't commute...and live within 10 miles of work...try it.

- JB

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Hey Everyone -

I am not dead....just got done with two very busy weeks of work and moving and had to take a little time off of the bike. My new apartment doesn't have internet just yet so I'll be making some posts from the bike shop. I have been back on the bike and am starting some serious riding again....want to do at least 5 more centuries this year, and total somewhere between 5 and 6K miles. Hope you are all on the bikes and riding like post coming soon.

- JB

Sunday, July 11, 2010

T.D.C 2010

6 a.m. set up

Haltermaniac, being a maniac

Motor-pacing my boys


Tar bubbles on the road

Wheel Fast + Corn = Tour De Corn

Peleton 60 mi

Rest Stop

Don was visible from 2 miles away


Wheel Fast Tandem Grill Squad

The Tour De Corn was this morning and turned out GREAT. Lots of riders came out, over 170 I believe. We had a cool overcast morning with light winds, many people choosing the metric 62 mile option. The winds picked up throughout the day and riders began the long trek back on curran road to get their reward...freshly grilled burgers and brats. Only a few mechanical incidents which was good, one poor guy got 4 flats, and had a crash....awful! Got to hang out with some of our awesome friends and customers and overall had a really nice event. From the Wheel Fast family....thank you for your support, coming out and riding, and enjoying some time on the bike! Have a great week!

- JB

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tour De Corn

Tour De Corn is this Sunday! Come out and ride if you are in Chatham, IL and want to have a great time. 62, 31, 20 mile options, sag, rest stops, bbq afterwards....good times....good people...thats all you need to know. Get on your bike and pedal your way out to Chatham Sunday morning. Mass start at 8 am. Free SOCKS!

- JB


Wrenching 5 days a week....the hands never get clean, no matter how hard you scrub them. Just means I'm hard at work I guess.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wheel Building

My man Don showing off the final product

True and dish....the name of my new hip hop group.... huh?

Building wheels is my absolute joy. So much attention to detail and patience are required it makes for a good challenge and inspires me to do my absolute best. Built a rear wheel for Joe House including a powertap hub, sapim spokes, and reynolds carboner rim. This was a 20 hole 2X job that turned out pretty light weight and looked pretty neat. Thanks to Ari for my wheel building skills, Don for the pictures (a post with a link to his photos expected soon), and Joe House for having expensive taste. Peace.

- JB


Been a while since a post....the picture above is from all of the employees commuting to work on saturdays, which is totally rad. We even get comments from the (hot) moms next door at the dance studio about how environmentally conscious we are and how "neat" it is. Anyhow, in the process of moving and figuring out major life decisions so might be a while before another post. Group rides at Wheel Fast are going strong on Wednesday nights....come join us. Will be riding fixed gear this week to shake things up a bit having been talked into it from a new friend Ryan. Best.

- JB