Free Your Mind, And Your Legs Will Follow

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday Ride After Work

Had a wonderful ride tonight. Got a little lost. Rode 55 miles. Averaged just under 19 mph on the cross bike. Cruised through Glacial Park in McHenry. One of those days you just love to be on the bike. Get out and try it...

- JB

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dealer Camp and Saddle Drive Part 4

 Awesome cannondale Caad10 black with di2

Custom Boo cycles bamboo

Bob and Craig gettin crunk

Raleigh tent

thats cyclocross for ya

Pro CX race was packed

not a bad hotel room?


pro cx start

deer valley sunset

Craig gettin ready for a bison burger at no name in park city

Go big or go home

went a little too big....

Awesome Parlee with Di2

Trabone winning the pro race

Park City

Park city had great food but really shitty beer


Last day just chillin out with Bobo


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dealer Camp and Saddle Drive Part 3

Some of the best single track I have ever ridden came in Park City, Utah at the Deer valley resort. We took the lift up from 7100 ft to 9400 ft. We then BOMBED down the mountain on $8000 mountain bikes and drank many beers and enjoyed looking at new bicycle products and stunning views. was hard for a few days in Utah.

Stay tuned for part 4 coming up next, the final installment of my Utah trip.

Training for the Heck

- JB

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Century

Rode out to Crystal Lake to meet my boss Bob and the bonk king for a long ride. Mike had a 4 hour time window and Bob and I knew we were going long. We started up the bike trail through McHenry and then cut up through Twin Lakes in Wisconsin through Pell Lake and around Lake Geneva through Fontana. We stopped for a bagel and some drinks in Lake Geneva and then headed out. We hit some awesome roads and rolling hills along the route. The Bonk King peeled off to get home and ended his day with around 60 miles. Bob and I continued through Fontana over to Hebron where we stopped for a man's lunch of burgers, cokes, and fries. We eyed some triathletes across the street from us loading up on gatorade probably only to spill on their frames later on. We left the same time they did and they were going the same way that we are. Bob and I were on our cross bikes and holding 23-24 mph on the road we were able to hold the tri racers off for several miles and even put a gap on them. They were in zone 3. Zone 3 all day long. Bob and I also took a detour/smoke break for me at Yerkes observatory. The architecture was phenominal and we stared in amazement at this special place. I ended up with 100 miles for the day and my legs were sore from all of the hills. Bob is training for his 3 week ride in the peruvian mountains so we pushed it pretty good. More awesome rides to come. If you want to join give me a shout!

- JB