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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Odds n' Ends

A must have if you are a mechanic...

Secret Trans Iowa V.7 map holder prototype

Rebuilding a Mavic R-Sys Wheel


  1. Ahh yes, this time of year the Trans Iowa prototypes always start popping up!!

  2. Yo, it is very cold up here but we are still riding. Any signs of the Gunnar? Need any help?

  3. Ari - I think the gunnar will be here later this week! I have all the parts purchased for the bike just need to put it all together, if you remember can you bring that ghost trails book to the shop on friday, ill be stopping by on my way to chicago, very cold down here...commutes have been in the 10-15 degree range in the morning and nights, having some quad and ankle pain so taking a few days off this weekend