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Friday, August 12, 2011

Day Off 115

Dave cruisin towards the overpass

Dave and I left my place Thursday morning at 9 a.m. to do what he called an "easy century". His longest ride so far this year was about 45 miles and he took the day off of work to ride with me. We headed to Salisbury and back to the bike shop to start the day with 40 miles. Had lunch at the ever delicious head west sub shop and then headed back out. We cruised south to farmersville and back north on black diamond blacktop to pawnee then through Rochester back into Springfield. He ducked off with 100 miles and I finished riding in the park to add 15 more to my ride. Ever stretch of rode that we were on during the day had sections of chipped up gravel and was interesting on the road bikes. The weather was mid 70's into low 80's all day and there was no wind the entire day. Great day of riding and have 230 miles for the week with more commuting and another century scheduled for Sunday. Get out on dem bikes ya'll!

- JB

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