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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Trans Iowa

The morning section of peanut butter gravel and strong headwinds followed by riders that didn't want to take pulls so Jeremy and I plowed away at the front taking pull after pull and cranking out the small victories such as making checkpoint 1. 

The first B-road was soaked after the mornings rains and I figured that I was about top 35%-ish in the race at this point. Charlie Farrow right behind me where as he shortly after passes me...a familiar sight

The men of the Slender Fungus with a very very warm welcome

"This budweiser is sooooooo good"

Managing a smile on the way into checkpoint #1 with my partner Jeremy. 

Jeremy and I crossing the finish line. We were thrilled. We had done the impossible on one of the hardest TI courses out there. When Gumby took my bike from me so I could rest it felt strange because I felt like I needed to keep going...but it was over.

Cheers to my fearless partner and I, still taking it in. 

Great photos from Steve Fuller on his photostream. Thanks so much Steve for the great photos. It was always great to see you along the route and give us some sign of life in those lonely Iowa corn fields. It was great looking at all of the photos and smiles on everyones faces. Especially to see photos of the other guys as they started and finished. Check it out and ride your bicycles as usual!


  1. Jay,
    I am still so very proud of you. I don't know if I will ever stop thinking about that moment when Jeremy and you rolled in.