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Monday, December 17, 2012

Iowa Mission #5: Whiskey and Beef Jerky

The start of the ride...the first 7 miles are terrible

Bonk King Bonking

El Dorkus

You can see a lot of the roads off in the distance

Pre Whiskey

Post Whiskey

Slender Fungus Clubhouse with Jim Beam Devil's Cut on tap and lots of big busted women

Ti bikes


Off into the wild...15-20 mph headwind for 30 miles


More climbing

These pigs could smell the bonk kings bacon sandwich

My personal favorite picture from the day...this hill was AMAZING

"Whats up mother fucker??" - I love the bonk king

Almost had to walk this one...can see Ari in the distance blowing his colon trying to get up this hill

The "Hurt Tank"

Iowa trip #5 was planned. We met in Sycamore and cruised for a long drive out to our secret location in the heart of our favorite state. We were chilly and started our ride with a sip of the wonderful Devil's Cut whiskey which is now standard issue for the Slender Fungus. The bonk king and Ari were on their titanium rigs and I chose the steel mariachi single speed 29'er. We hit a different route this time and enjoyed the 15-20 mph headwind for 3.5 hours. Our faithful companion turned and we wished the bonk king well as he had to get back for his sunday activities. It is always a pleasure to ride with that guy. It doesn't matter what the weather is, what the mood is, what anything is....he will be there and do his own matter what. What a great friend to bring us some belgian beer as well...what a guy! Ari and I continued our journey and were in awe that we were riding this late in the season and were blessed by the great countryside that Iowa has to offer. We saw 2 bald eagles, gorgeous scenery, and enjoyed an awesome tailwind on our way back to the car. We sipped whiskey along the way and I was delighted to be spending the day with two great friends. A lot of memories and thoughts during these rides get lost when I write these blog posts but they have a special place in my heart from the conversations we have and the laughs along the ride. Just like a barber shop along the route and it's hilarious name. Too many good times and many of them are from meeting one of my best friends Ari...he has opened my eyes to a different world of cycling that will never die. This is what makes up the Slender Fungus...a passion, a comradery, and a friendship that will never end. These are my people. The best people. Glad to have the ride under our belts and even though we only went 62 miles the gravel was soaked and our legs were fried and we felt like we rode 100 miles. We thought the day wouldn't get any better but then we found a true hidden gem of a great pizzeria and had some awesome food and drinks there before our drive back. I will take these memories to my grave....

- Cookie, Slender Fungus

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  1. YOu took some amazing shots this past Sunday. Thanks for coming out and being my friend. You and the Bonk King rocked. Fat bikes soon as some snow is coming our way.