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Friday, February 1, 2013

New Gunnar Gravel Prototype

Gunnar wanted to make a crosshairs that was more geared towards gravel riding. Ari and I worked with Johanna at Waterford/Gunnar on what we would want out of a "gravel bike". Ari and I both own and love our stock Gunnar Crosshairs but we made a few tweaks for gravel riding. I will discuss these changes later on as I get the bike built up. A huge thanks to Johanna and Richard up at Waterford/Gunnar for helping us with these bikes and making some kick ass bikes that are made in a wonderful area of our country. I love my Gunnars....can't wait to get out on this beast!

- JB


  1. Looks awesome!


  2. AWWW-I love that thing! I'm a Gunnar and Waterford owner and certainly have a soft spot for their bikes. Keep us posted and I'd love to see that reign supreme over TI! All the best-I enjoy the blog.

    How do those Cyclocross speeds work on wintery gravel?