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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fat Mountain

Got the fat bike up and running after it sat during the winter. I love riding the really fat tires of my surly pugsley. Everyone thinks these bikes are cool and great for the snow....but really they are great everywhere and every day. I took mine mountain biking up at the old playboy club called the Grand Geneva in Lake Geneva. There is a race there this coming weekend and the crew was out getting the trails ready. I was able to complete 3 - 7 mile laps that day and ride stuff that I was not able to on my rigid single speed. The rock garden is downhill and has some massive stones in it. There are some sections that have steps in it and is better to ride at speed. I made the mistake of rolling somewhat slower on the last lap and my wheel got caught inbetween a rock/my weight was forward and I got catapulted out of the saddle and onto the ground. My head hurt the rest of the day and my body is bruised. I was able to complete the rest of the lap and continue riding. I guess I'll chalk it up to experience for next time and learn from that one. A great day on the bike with Bob, Mike, Ray, Ryan, Jared and the Treadhead crew. If you are free this Sunday head up to Lake Geneva to watch this awesome race!

- JB

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