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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Brooks C15

Got to demo one of Brook's C15 Cambium saddles for a while. The shop got one of the first saddles to test out and get some feed back on. The saddle was initially a lot stiffer than my normal swift. It took a few miles to get used to this feeling but the width and general shape was about the same. The saddle eventually kind of disappeared beneath me and I didn't worry about it too much more. I think the cambium line from Brooks make a great synthetic alternative for the vegan lifestyle.....what? do people honestly purchase saddles for those reasons?!? Anyhow, the saddle is great....but not as great as my leather swift. On the plus side, there is no break in, no proofide, and no need to carry a cover with you because this thing is water proof. Another great offering from Brook's England. Cheers.

- JB

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