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Sunday, July 11, 2010

T.D.C 2010

6 a.m. set up

Haltermaniac, being a maniac

Motor-pacing my boys


Tar bubbles on the road

Wheel Fast + Corn = Tour De Corn

Peleton 60 mi

Rest Stop

Don was visible from 2 miles away


Wheel Fast Tandem Grill Squad

The Tour De Corn was this morning and turned out GREAT. Lots of riders came out, over 170 I believe. We had a cool overcast morning with light winds, many people choosing the metric 62 mile option. The winds picked up throughout the day and riders began the long trek back on curran road to get their reward...freshly grilled burgers and brats. Only a few mechanical incidents which was good, one poor guy got 4 flats, and had a crash....awful! Got to hang out with some of our awesome friends and customers and overall had a really nice event. From the Wheel Fast family....thank you for your support, coming out and riding, and enjoying some time on the bike! Have a great week!

- JB

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