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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sunday Ride

Deep Concentration

Cool Field


Cool Clouds

End of the line in Salisbury...I wanted a bud

Neat Flower

My new best cucumbers!
Rode a quick 50 miles solo on Sunday. Just took the Mack course and then headed out to Salisbury getting in some little rollers and some peace and quiet. The ride was nice, saw a couple cool flowers along the way...the clouds in the sky provided some shade and overall it wasn't overly humid or hot which was great. On the way home I hit this grinder of a hill and was slowly climbing it to reach the top and realize that some country house was giving away some of the excess veggies they had. I looked through the selection and stuck a cucumber in my jersey pocket and away I went. Had a nice sandwich on the way home with some fresh farm-picked cucumber courtesy of my new mystery best friends. Hope everyone is putting the miles in!
- JB


  1. Glad to see everything is going well. could we see more shots of you with your jersey open?
    Miss you.

  2. Ari -

    I'll open up the jersey for you as much as i can, miss you guys too, sorry to hear about the stolen bike, some of the gunnar builds look great. Hope to ride with you soon, let me know about the flandria 100, ill be in town for the NG111 ride next weekend

  3. Jay,
    I will not be partaking in the new glarus ride since my son is in from germany. The Flandria100+ will happen in the fall when bike shop guys can take a breather and a good crap. Will be planned out but not crazy style like the hack. ride will have asphalt and gravel. If its dry your casserole will suffice, if wet we will be on 29ers. Ride happens no matter what. I guess Richard has offered to do the mapping, of course.
    keep well my friend,

  4. sounds good buddy, glad that your son is in from germany spending some quality time with his dad and riding his bike, talk to you soon