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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wednesday Metrico

Nothing to do with my ride yesterday...just a shot I took driving up north last weekend

Stopped ~ Salisbury-ish

Scenic outlook, really nice hills in this area

Cruisin ~ Athens-ish

Feminist ~ New Salem-ish

Well as usual the weather forcast was wrong. I knew it wasn't supposed to rain or anything like that but 10 mph winds....yea right! Try 20-30 mph winds from the north. This is a rare occurance and gave me a good reason to head out and do my favorite metric century in the area. It heads through Salisbury to Athens then to Petersburg back through New Salem and then home. Had horrible winds on the way out, I would look at the computer and be going 10 mph while struggling on the pedals. Hit some great hills in this area, and even though I was battling a cold felt good on the bike. The weather (other than the wind) was chilly but a beautiful fall day and I was glad to get some miles in while there was no snow on the ground. 130 miles so far this week, hope to tack on another 150+ before weeks end with a 100+ ride on Sunday, let me know if you are interested. Otherwise, as usual.... go riding for goodness sake!

- Cookie

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