Free Your Mind, And Your Legs Will Follow

Friday, March 9, 2012


The real cookie?

Very cool riding through Bull Valley

The fat tires are still rolling

Cool print I saw on a barn....seems every barn in Bull Valley has one of these. One day Im going to photograph them all and post them.

This looked interesting....

The miles keep on getting pounded out. Sitting about 1500 for the year so far....look to have around 2700-3000 for the near approaching Trans Iowa. Rode 50 on sunday and 50 on monday with the pugsley, 30 miles on tues, wed, and thurs, and commuted today as well to put me over 200 miles since Sunday. Will try to get around 300 miles this week with some rides planned for the weekend. Legs are feeling good and just working on the bike position now. Get out there and ride!

- JB


  1. My wife really wants you to photograph all of the quilt blocks on the barns.


  2. Those quilts are part of American Culture and are awesome. We saw some great ones in Iowa. I also Saw that Cookie Real estate agent and now I don't remember where.
    HOpe all is well with your fit. I have taken a week off the bike. I will be starting my second phase soon. Nice weather coming next week. I will call you tomorrow Sunday to chat.