Free Your Mind, And Your Legs Will Follow

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


My boss Bob performed the black magic known as Retul on me the other day. My back and hips are very twisted on the bike and have been leading to back and neck pain as well as wrist numbness on the bike. We moved the position a lot and I am going to experiment with the position before working with a physical therapist to straighten me out on the bike and get things perfectly dialed in. I flipped my thomson stem and I am probably going to flip it back down again with a shorter stem. But, I want to get some miles on the bike after seeing what Bob had done with the fit on my bike. We have the Retul hooked up to the computrainer. So, not only does the Retul take a 3D scan of the body and give you all sorts of crazy numbers it also shows power out of the right leg, left leg, where the power comes in the stroke of your legs (2 o'clock, 3 o'clock...etc), ankle flection....lateral knee movement. This system is crazy!!! I am very glad to have this technology in the shop and I definitely feel a little more evened out after the fit. Hopefully I can get fully dialed in before trans iowa. Thanks to my boss for fitting me into his busy schedule and working on his day off to work with me. If you have any sort of fit issue or want to see your efficiency increase give me a ring at the shop and we can work with you. Don't be a Tul...get ReTul'ed.

- JB

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