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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Weekend MTB

The WI/IL looks nicer to me. WI >> IL

I took a trip from Woodstock up to Lake Geneva, WI to ride the WORS race course at the Grand Geneva resort trails. I met Mike, Molly, Ray, and Josh up at the trails for some loops and had about 30 miles on the SS on the way up there with 34-17 gearing. I was rocking some tunes on the way up and knew I was in for a long ride. Got up to the trails and did a 5 mile lap with the crew. The trails were great and technical and a lot of fun to ride. I ended up spinning around town with Josh and Molly and then heading back home. On the way back I noticed my crank was creaking quite a bit. Despite putting loctite on my chainring bolts I looked down and realized that I only had two chainring bolts right next to each other. I swithed them 180 degrees apart to distribute the weight a bit and kept checking every few miles to make sure they were tight. I tried to ride very light on the cranks and just make it home. I checked to tighten the bolts and another one broke off on my wrench. I was down to ONE BOLT!!! I had to ride extremely light on the pedals and couldnt stand on the pedals at all for the last 15 miles. It was a miracle I made it back with one bolt left. I have ordered steel bolts and will be back on the bike this weekend. Unfortunately I have to miss Gravel Worlds this weekend due to some financial constraints but I hope to take and adventure out west to Nebraska next year. Good luck to all that are racing!!! Have a great race PCL!


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  1. I know that state line crossing...I think it's funny that you cross into Illinois with a big bump.