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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lake Geneva WORS

Mikes Scalpel....22 lbs

Great place for family fun

Going down

View from the top of the hill

The pros charging the hill with Ray in 3rd

These guys were hauling

Mike charging the rock garden

Molly with the hand up to ray and then mike

Mike circa lap 2

Ray hitting the rock garden

Mike flying down the rocks

Under 2 hours

Went up to the Lake Geneva WORS race to watch my friends Mike and Ray race. They race Cat 1 in elite mountain bikes and finished 10th and 12th, respectively 1st and 2nd if you aren't counting the pro guys. They were flying and looked great out their on their lightweight mtb's. Mike managed to take 12 minutes off of his time from last year thanks to some early morning rain to make the dirt a little tacky. The course was at the Grand Geneva resort and they have trails there to ride if you are a member. I rode these trails a few weeks ago and the lap is about 5-7 miles depending on which way you take. There were a lot of technical sections and it was a very spectator friendly course. I am planning on racing this next year. 

Planning on some IA gravel this weekend.  Get my legs ready for some single speed Trans Iowa training!

Shout out to my buddy Justin in Springfield for under 11 hours on his first Ironman, great job!

Happy Birthday to the Haltermaniac.

- Get out there, JB

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