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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Slender Fungus head to Iowa

This was the first hill that I saw....I got hard

Bonk King riding strong

Going up

Iowa...I missed you

The Gunnar....grazing, and chewing cud in the frame bag

Great friends, Ari, BK, Jamie

Jamie and the new Space Whore

Rest stop enjoying the sunshine and sweat

This road gave me an even bigger boner

Ari grinding the hills


One of my favorite photos I have ever taken...this one is getting framed

Chilling, laughing, recon-ing.....a great great great day



Ari was in zone 3 as he sped past this radar....he maxed out at 13 mph and then cried like a girl, he vowed to buy a carbon bike

Gay fags

Describes Ari perfectly


Post ride goodness

Big beers for little dollars

Had one of the best rides Ive had in a long time this past Sunday. I met up with the Bonk King in Huntley and drove out to a secret Iowa location for a training and recon mission. We met Ari and Jamie at an undisclosed watermelon stand and began our ride. The pavement quickly dissolved and memories of trans iowa formed. My passion for cycling that had been so burnt out this summer came alive again and a grin quickly came across my face. My 3 great friends made me laugh and smile if I didn't have a care in the world....and I remembered why I love these people and why I love Iowa. The ride was 100K, we laughed, caught up with each other, spoke about the past and future, and enjoyed each others company. As with best friends you feel like you can speak about anything and I always feel that way around Jamie and Ari....two truly great people and some of my great friends. The bonk king rode strong and DIDNT was incredible. He was grinning all day and told me later that it was the best ride he has had in 5 years. A truly great day on the bike. Beers were drank, pizza was eaten, bikes were ridden. A pretty sweet day. To top it all off I got to catch up with Hellmut in Sycamore before he returned to the penis of America: Florida. Awesome weekend. 60 miles in Iowa, 45 mile labor day ride with my boss Bob, 260 miles for the week. Tightening my A-hole so I don't get raped at the Heck of the North. 

- Cookie, SFCA


  1. A already tore up my crosscheck. I turned it into singlespeed using some xtr wheels, v brakes and riser bars. I just have to messs around with gearing.

  2. It is good to remember what riding should be about. An amazing route with great friends. No wristbands, attitudes, or HR monitors (zone 3). Thanks for a truly memorable day!