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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Post Cards

A Card I sent to Guitar Ted earlier this year for Trans Iowa just cause....

I wanted to attempt the Royal last year but got sick after Trans Iowa. This year its on again....pending how I feel I will attempt the Nellie

The back of the card I sent to Chris Skogen. I found this at the circus museum in Baraboo , WI after camping at Devil's Lake

Most of the races that I enter require submission of a post card. Sometimes I make my own or doctor one up or just happen to find some cool postcards. I have been collecting some now and randomly sending them to my family and friends. Just kind of a cool way to stay in touch away from all of this internet high speed garbage...analog style.

I had a cold ride today. Bob, TBK(the bonk king), and myself planned a ride but all ending up having stuff going on at different times so we all rode....just not together. Would have been cool to have a trio of fatties on the road though. 

Probably will stay off of the bike this Mon and Tues due to very very cold and windy conditions.

- JB

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