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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Went over to my buddy Mike's house to overhaul the Mariachi and set up my wheels as tubeless. I overhualed both hubs, set the wheels up tubeless, cleaned the drivetrain, installed new brake pads, cleaned the frame and wheels, and drank a few beers. Mike is an expert with tubeless wheels and helped me get set up. I love how light the wheels feel and how the bike handles so differently at lower pressures. WHY HAVE I WAITED SO LONG!?!? the only question that goes through my head. Mike graciously offered for me to take his entry at the Lumberjack 100 in Michigan this weekend but my knee has really been bugging me and I don't think it can handle 100 miles of single track. After 10 miles on the road my knee gets shooting pain in it and I can't even put any pressure on it. I have taken the past few days off and am trying to let it heal on its own. 

I will be mountain biking before work in Stern's Woods and taking more mountain biking trips from now on. I love mountain biking and am making a solid effort to ride more this year in the dirt. 

- JB

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