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Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Mountain Biking

Mr. Mike Naughton picked me up in the sprinter van and we headed up to the Canopy Tours in Lake Geneva. That place is awesome to ride. Really quick laps and some different terrain. Saw my buddy David who was up riding with his Dad. Mike and I did a quick loop with David before he had to take off. Then we rode the 3-4 miles over to the Grand Geneva resort where they hold the WORS race in the fall. These trails hadn't been ridden or maintained in a while but were surprising in good shape. The trails were much more fun than I remember and Mike started to beat me up with his consistent pace. I was on the single speed....sweating my ass off....and we weren't even going that hard. Guess I just haven't ridden too hard since my knee healed up. The Grand was great and we cruised back to Canopy to do one more loop where my exhaustion caused me to hit my face on a tree over a log pile and take another spill....always fun. We had a great day and headed to Geneva Lake Tap Room for a quick wheat beer before we headed home. Also, we saw a 2-person scooter gang on the way up, in Lake Geneva, AND on the way back.....awesome, cruisning 45 mph on the shoulder of the highway, gettin' it done! Mike is a great training partner and always pushes me on the mountain bike. 

- JB

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