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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bike Pole

Deers right outside of our apartment

Enjoying the calm cool lake air in the a.m.


Got in 110 miles this week, taking off last weekend and part of this week to finish up my thesis. Thanks to all my friends that supported me and came out for it! You guys are the best. Riding the new road steamroller setup is just is awesome. Thinking about putting a 15t cog on instead of the 44-14 setup i have now, as well as a road chain and a chain tensioner. Commuting has been great for stretching the legs and warming up for some rides we have been doing. Lots of deer out in our area...Megan and I left them some carrots and lettuce last night for a snack, but consistently around 20 deer right out of our front door, pretty neat. Temps in the 70's this week, hopefully get some good rides in.

- J

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