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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sat/Sun Riding

Commuted to work on Saturday. It was a brisk morning but turned into an absolutely gorgeous spring afternoon. After a busy day of work at the shop, Matt, Bob, and I rode the bike path home. Matt turned around and Bob rode me to my house on his way home. This was very cool that every employee at the shop rode in to work no matter how long or short the commute. This is why we sell ride them, so it was great that we could all embrace that on a beautiful Saturday in March. Sunday was overcast and rainy. I met up with Justin and Gina and we rode to Washington Park to meet up with some other Team Mack racers. We headed out of town on the bike path then the pace was kicked up into a strong head wind. These guys rode 100 miles yesterday and were still pushing hard today! Definitely strong riders to say the least. We made it about 25 miles out of town and turned around to make somewhere close to a 50 mile ride. The tailwind home was awesome and we did get soaked in the rain on the way home but still a good ride and great to ride with a group and on my BMC for the first time this season. With the Sat and Sunday miles in the total for the week was 180 miles. Feel good about that. Get on your bikes!

- J

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