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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ghost Trails

Just finished this book. Amazing story! Jill does a great job of putting raw emotions into words and describing events and feelings very well.

Quote of the day (the joy of cycling):

"And even when the cycling became a simple extension of my routine, even when I left the house every afternoon only to ride the same hills and trails, there was something in the moment, an antidote, that felt both refreshing and regenerative. And, suddenly, the 45-minute drive to and from work didn't hurt so much; the wedding announcement-frantic customers didn't scream so loud; the hot summer afternoons didn't wear so deep and the evenings didn't feel so lonely, even as I spent more and more time alone in the sun.

Cycling offered a new balance that showed me there was still the possibility I could be happy in my drive-sit-eat lifestyle, because always in the back of my mind I remembered the roads still stretched out limitlessly, and the simple act of turning cranks had the potential to jolt my weary heart to new highs."

Everyone should buy this book....then read it.

- JB

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