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Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Riding

Went on a bitter cold ride with Ari and Gumby on New Years day. The wind was cruising at over 30 mph and temps were below zero. We headed south and warmed up in the shelter of Afton Forest Preserve where we did some cross riding. Great to get out and spin the legs...even with 4 hours of sleep... 20 miles accomplished. The following Sunday I rolled out of bed with a hangover and Ari and I went out again with slightly warmer temps in the teens. Thanks to Ari for letting me borrow some gear since my head was in another place while packing... We stopped at Caseys in Waterman, IL and scoped the selection in TI preparation. The camera was so cold it almost did not turn on and did some funky things taking video instead of pictures. We again ended up in Afton and cruised around and did some mutant riding through corn fields. 25 miles for the day and some good training. The Gunnar felt amazing and is dialed without even having to touch a thing, Ari was probably sick of me telling him how nice it was... he knows cause he owns one!! Anyhow, some good company and good riding this weekend. Going to be training balls to the wall from here to April for the Trans Iowa. More commuting and riding this week, I suggest you do the same!

- JB


  1. It was really good to see you and a pleasure to ride with you on those cold days. Keep up the good work and keep in touch.

  2. Always a pleasure my friend!

  3. Maybe you two should just keep pleasuring each other... don't mind me.

    Ready for Frostbike yet? Pizza Luce? (had it a few weeks ago)


  4. We use the french tickler...aka my mustache.. WHAT?! Hell yea Joel I'm ready for some of that delicious pizza and more surly coffee bender, always look forward to a good weekend at frostbike, cant wait