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Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Quick Year in Review

2010 started off by me making the move from DeKalb, IL to Springfield, IL. Light riding to begin the year and as I got more settled that picked up. Another great time at Frostbike held by QBP up in Bloomington, MN with Joel, Tobie, and Ari. I defended my Masters thesis in May and graduated with my M.S. from NIU. Began my full time employment at Wheel Fast in March and am very happy to be working here. I have a great boss, atmosphere, and co-workers. The shop is much like my old shop NCC which I miss but keep in touch with all those guys so its almost like I never left. Pounded some hard road miles this year and met an amazing group of friends and riders down here. Very happy to live in a town were there is always a group ride going on rain or shine. Did a lot of cool rides including the NG111, Hannibal Missouri, Capital City Century, etc. Ended up with a crack in the BMC frame and got a new road frame, also bought the Gunnar Crosshairs this year. Got entered into Trans Iowa which I am extremely excited about....excited to do some hard training before the ride in 2011, meet new friends, and enjoy a long day of vitamin G. Also, excited about the whole process of bike setup, equipment setup, training, map holders, etc. Met a new girly this year who is very supportive of me working in the cycling industry, understands my passion for cycling, and encourages me to ride. Ended the year with 6500 miles and plan on doing even more in 2011 (I would guess 2000 if not more of these miles were commuting). Hope everyone had a great year and has an excellent 2011! Thanks to everyone who has been following and reading my blog this year and thanks for all of the comments! All the best.

- JB


  1. Rock o...I mean, Roll on, Jay. Hope to catch a ride or two with you this year. Must...find...balance...


  2. I feel like there are still so many people that I know and hangout with at the shop...but haven't ridden with yet. 2011 is the year to fix this problem!