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Friday, March 18, 2011

Hannibal, MO Training

Rode with the racers to Hannibal, MO. Did 70 miles with crazy steep hills. The pace was moderate to fast all day and my legs felt pretty strong for early in the season. Glad to have ridden with some great friends and racers. The best part of the ride where Mark Shea looks over at me with a tailwind and says..."I feel like I'm in heaven!.....but that wouldn't be right, cause I wouldn't be there" haha. So far this week 35 tuesday, 45 wednesday, 70 thursday, 40 friday, and another 40 or 50 today. Hope you are enjoying the warmth!

- JB

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  1. Good job on getting that ride in. We are having a ton of rain and this mornings ride was cancelled due to rain and thunder. More lightning and rain in the afternoon. I still think we will be ready.
    Its coming.