Free Your Mind, And Your Legs Will Follow

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Trans Iowa - George Vargas V5

I'm doing some studying for the Trans Iowa...some shots of what George Vargas went through in 2009 having never ridden gravel before....very amazing.

Have 240 miles this week...nearly a 1000 for the month, legs are feeling good.

Got dragged around by Mark Shea and Justin Armstead today up to Elkhart in the wind. 65 miles done for the its time to watch some movies!

Don't let it loaf

Chin up and zipper down

- JB


  1. What tires are you deciding on? How is the Cytomax stuff working for you?

  2. Cytomax has been working really good, the tires I haven't decided on yet. I am loving the conti speeds for dry conditions but may be looking to have a knobby set as well if stuff gets nasty. Schwalbe 35's...any other suggestions?