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Friday, March 4, 2011

Thursday Riding 120

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Jumpin Jimmys

Headed out of the house at 7 am to meet up with the haltermaniac and gravemaker at the shop at 8 am. We headed south through auburn down to virden and further south to farmersville. Strong SE winds kept the pace at about 16 mph which was great as I was on the cross bike. We cruised back to Pawnee on black diamond road and laughed at stupid stuff as usual. John dipped out at 50 miles and the gravemaker and I went on to do 70 before stopping at the shop to refuel. I then completed 40 more miles solo, with the 10 from riding to the shop in the morning left me with a grand total of 120 miles for the day. The legs felt very fresh...and I could've kept riding if I had more food and water. If I felt as good as I did yesterday for Trans Iowa it should not be a problem to complete the race. Also, planning on a hard ride for the bonkfest100 and my fitness should be up to par for the gravel grinder. Successful week of riding with 235 miles in 4 days...35 monday, 40 tues and wed, 120 thursday...hopefully more to come before the end of the week. Get on your bike and go!

- JB


  1. Good job, good job. Much interest in bonkfest. Have to call you this weekend.ari

  2. I'm stoked on da Bonkfest. Bonking off right now. Gotta go.

  3. Jay, wife and I drove the course and it is going to be a wanker of a ride. Giggles is predicting strong west winds with a tailwind coming home. I really want to start slow and enjoy the whole ride, take some great photos and make this a standard ride.