Free Your Mind, And Your Legs Will Follow

Monday, April 11, 2011

Some Things

Congrats to Johan Van Summeren on a great Paris-Roubaix

Week Recap:

Monday - 30 miles
Tuesday - 40 miles
Wednesday - 50 miles
Thursday - 40 miles
Friday - 162 miles
Saturday - 24 miles
Sunday - 80 miles

Taking today off of the bike and going to get some miles in and taper off the beginning of next week for Trans Iowa. - JB


  1. Great work. Don't taper off too much. Keep your legs tight and now is the time to taper on the alcohol consumption. Get lots of sleep too.
    Do you need anything from our end?

  2. I still need to order a map holder.... and need to speak with you about the headset problem on the BMC

  3. Nice work, JB. Watch that taper...don't pull back too much on the throttle. Looking forward to seeing you next week at Casa Ari--SF headquarters.

  4. Do you need me to order the holder? Let's get this shit done. Also I have devised a secret map holder where you would only need a freezer grad zip loc. I will call you tomorrow.

  5. Giggles thank you sir, can't wait to meet and party like rockstars. Ari, yea I need to either have you order the holder or hand fabricate me one. Glad to see you hipsters out riding

  6. Yeah Jay.... don't let that shit loaf. How could you forget your own words?