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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Ride

Met up at the Ari household at 7 a.m. We headed northwest with a tailwind and ended up in Elgin where we were totally lost and had no idea where we were. Ari found the route home and we trucked into the massive headwind for 20 miles. Had great conversation and talked about final plans for the Trans Iowa in 6 days.....6 DAYS AHHHH!!! ITS HERE ALREADY!!! Was blessed with an AMAZING new camera for my birthday from my AMAZING girlfriend, shot some cool photos and still learning how to use the new camera. Got in 70 miles for the day and still finalizing all plans, gear, and state of mind for the long one approaching. Thanks to the Gravemaker for my AMAZING flag from the Tour of Flanders....seriously amazing, thank you! Will make a final thoughts post for the Trans Iowa here in a few days. Pray for our souls.

- JB

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  1. great ride but that cold and wind did mess with my lungs.Going to pound a lot of liquids and hot tea to work on it. My body is ready for some warm weather.
    I need a hot tub.