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Friday, September 30, 2011

Onward to the HECK

Heading up to Duluth for Jeremy Kershaw's Heck of the North. Excited to explore northern Minnesota and battle it out on the gravel roads of the native DBD. I will battle it out on the hills giving it all I have. Still planning on how to prepare the bike....frame bag, no frame bag? Stayed at my very gracious hosts Ari and Jamie's house and was fed a "manly" meal to provide me with some energy on Saturday. I will miss the rest of my Slender Fungus crew as they were not able to make it this weekend....they will be with me in my thoughts as my legs burn on the hills of Duluth.

Have an excellent weekend, pics and recap to follow.

- JB

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  1. Congratulations on putting such a hard effort to make the looong drive and to finish the Heck of the North.