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Friday, September 16, 2011

Full Interbike Recap. Part I

Great photos of the grand canyon and surrounding areas from the plane

Got to meet up with my good friend Phil from Denver, CO and his coworker Joe to bomb some mountains on full suspension 29'ers

The wonderful people and products of Salsa Cycles. Example: Jason Boucher (person not product). Jason sounds like he has some big tours lined up for next year....

Tons of people at the dirt demo

The hottest bike at the show....made by Chris King

Andy, Matt, and I, after a rip on the course

Partied hard on the town....a little too hard for bro watching the fountains

The fountains

Cav's bike

Super 75's

RitcheyCX bike

Another pic of the Ritchey seat/headtube/seatstay junction....clean

Part II tomorrow.....

- JB

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