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Friday, October 21, 2011

Gypsy Criterion

SFCA headquarters

Gumby's awesome Pugsley paint job

Rainy start to the ride

I will greatly miss my riding partner

The gravel dried out right away and was perfect

Jamie and Ari

7 laps = 7 beans

The Gypsy Criterion had a slow start as The Bonk King, Gumby, and I lined up to ride and wondered where everyone was. Ari and family were sorting through boxes to find cycling clothes for everyone, B.B. and company were in an alcohol induced coma, Uncle Velos showed up shortly for 2 laps, and the last lap Jakey La Cruz showed up for a lap. The ride started with a lot of rain and we wondered if it was going to be like that for 100 miles. As usual...a few of us toughed it out and started riding, rain or shine. The next couple of laps the skies cleared up and the day looked to be getting nicer. The route was perfect and there was no cars on the roads. The loop was about 9 miles long. Ari and I pushed on for 7 laps and called it since he had some family obligations to get to. We spoke about his move to NY and details on the move. I was sad to think this was my last ride with my close friend until Trans Iowa of next year, that really bummed me out! Ended the day with 65 miles and then went pumpkin picking with the girlyfriend. Heading up north this weekend with Jill to watch her and Jamie (Ari's wife) run a half marathon. They have been so good to us with our gravel racing that we need to return the favor. Few miles this week, hope to get more next week. Cheers.

- JB

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