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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Riding as of late

My commute this morning, tons of fresh leaves on the trail after a storm

The church trails covered in leaves, I try and incorporate these mountain bike trails into my commute as often as possible

Took a 55 mile ride on the cross bikes with the racers up to some trails by New Salem. This is an example of idiot drunk drivers...and how euro cool andy lister is

Cruisin, beautiful day

Andy says to Mike..."Hey lets go check out those mountain bike trails" and then he gets two flats and proceeds to take us on the worst mountain bike trails I have EVER ridden

Sunset on my commute home

Currently one of two bikes that I Surly Steamroller....I love this bike

Get some nuts and ride your bikes

- JB

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  1. Man, those are some SWEET shifters on Andy's cross bike. Wowsa!