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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Zooma Half Marathon

Ari's wife Jamie, all smiles

Ari found a new home and was "racooning"

My awesome girlie....finishing 14/323 and 2nd in her age group!

Jamie finishing up just over 2 hours, great run!

Jill's friend Jean bringing it home

The ladies after the race, all smiles

10 a.m. wine drinking

This cover band was awesome! Check out that coat!


My great friends that I have lost to the one they call "Giggles" laughing matter

This past weekend, the men of the Slender Fungus went to support our ladies in a half marathon. Everyone ran great and we had a beautiful day for the event up in Fontana, WI. The Wisconsin hills punished the women on their run and Jill did an awesome run with an 8:10 average. I was very impressed. We then enjoyed some New Glarus beer and greasey food at a local bar, chatted about life, and then headed home. What a great weekend! I went to check out the cyclcocross race in Bartlett the next to come

- JB

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