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Thursday, January 26, 2012

More Riding, More Training

Cruising to find some snowy gore-tex booties keeping my feet warm and dry

Cock. Pit.

Snow covered gravel...this was a fun road

Stopped to take an hour long nap on this hammock and reflect on my ride

It was cold, and it was windy, and I loved it.

Training and riding have been happening on the regular. I now have internet at the new apartment so I should be posting more often. Getting 25-35 mile rides in nearly 5-6 days a week. Over 400 miles for the month and on my way to my goal of over 500 for the month to stay on target with my Trans Iowa training. Trying to follow suit with last year....500 in Jan, 800 in Feb, and 1000 in March. All of course being weather dependent. So far the weather hasn't been able to hold me off to much. I have ridden in 10 below windchills, snow storms, rain, ice...its all good, and all thanks to the pugsley. The weird thing is the more I ride the bike, the tires are starting to look normal size. Getting back on the cross bike is going to be challenging when it gets a little warmer. Hope all is good and the riding is continuing for everyone out there!

- JB

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