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Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year 2012

Got out for 45 miles on NYE with the new boss and group of riders. The bonk king can be spied in the back row.

Had an excellent year of cycling this year with my most mileage ever. Did just under 10,000 miles with 9400, wish I could have squeezed in that last 600 to get into 5 digits. Maybe this year...

The new year promises to be a great one. I have a new job at Wheel Werks in Crystal Lake and am fine tuning my skills to the high level of service and caliber of this shop. I hope to learn some new skills and hopefully some more about fitting on the bicycle. Bob (the bossman) is going to Retul me in the next coming weeks with help from a physical therapist (Todd) to help me work out some neck and knee issues I've been having from sitting somewhat crooked.

A few target races are on my radar:

1) Trans Iowa - This race is a must finish for me. I look forward to riding with Ari and Giggles and conquering the beast. If the weather is good I will destroy myself for a finish. This is THE target race for the year. Thanks to my boss for sponsoring the event as well, and as usual Guitar Ted for putting this great race on....very excited

2) The Royal 162 - Two weeks after TI, the Royal and Almanzo in Rochester, MN take place. 162 miles of sloppy gravel and rolling hills. Excited to head up to this one. Going to cruise up with the Bonk King who is helping to support the event, and my good friend Joel is going to race the Almanzo so we will get to ride together for a while.

3) DK200 - I think that my redemption for DK will be put on hold as $60 is money I don't have right now from my move up north and I might have a prior engagement. We shall see...

4) Gravel Worlds - Hopefully heading to the Mecca of gravel grinding: Lincoln, Nebraska. Strong STRONG riders are known to inhabit the area and amazing riding is supposed to be in the area. Hoping to join the PCL for some acti0n come August.

5) The Heck of the North - I will return stronger this year and hopefully finish top 20... No more heavy drinking the night before, will give myself ample time to get ready, will drink plenty of fluids before the race and during. How can you not love those DBD guys...looking forward to hanging with them again!

Goals for TI base training include a similar plan to last year. 500 miles in Jan, 800 in Feb, and 1000 in March. My new pugsley (pics to come) will help push the mileage and fitness into the frigid winters in northern Illinois.

Heading for a brief vacation in TX with my mom and brother. Hopefully can clear my mind of some negative thoughts, recharge, and hit the rest of the month with some great miles. Don't let your meat loaf...chin up and zipper down!

Happy New Year and thanks for reading this blog!

- JB


  1. Yeah! Gravel Worlds. Hell yes. It'll be good to ride with ya, buddy.

  2. See you soon,even before you get done shaking it!


  3. I just mailed my Almanzo postcard this week. Let me know if you're interested in traveling up nort together eh.