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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wheel Werks Custom Builds

Belt drive, stainless cog

My new favorite company: Seven Cycles

Secret TIV8 machine: Bilenky Tandem. Giggles, Ari, and I will take turns resting on the front during the night shift after the second checkpoint.

New BMC Time Machine. This is my boss.....he is a cool guy....he likes titanium, steel, the Grateful Dead, Audi Wagons, and beer. We get along very well.

Integrated Front Brake

Every day at Wheel Werks Custom Bikes is an experience. I have seen soooo many cool bikes come in and out of the shop. Custom Merlins, Waterfords, Moots, Sevens, BMC's, Cervelos....the list goes on. I love working with high end stuff....

- JB

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