Free Your Mind, And Your Legs Will Follow

Friday, October 12, 2012

Last Sundays Ride

The legs were pretty rough after the previous weekends Heck of the North race where I destroyed my body to take 25th place overall. I was very happy with this result and let the legs rest for most of the week with the exception of a few commutes. I spoke with Ari and he wanted to get out in the saddle for a long day of riding. I agreed and we decided to ride at a middle location inbetween our homes because we were both on a budget and hate driving places to ride our bikes. The first time we spotted each other was 40 miles into the ride along the fox river trail. We then nodded at each other and kept riding west out to our old backyard Sycamore IL. I had no intention of riding this far and the half way point was 56 miles. I was starting to fry up and thankfully Ari is a better planner than I with sandwiches and gels in his ancient jandd frame bag aboard the heavy steel beast he was riding. We ate, planned, laughed, and never warmed up on this frigid day. Ari ended the day with a solid 105 miles and I bonked home with 112 miles. The rest of the day was spent drinking beer.

The cooler weather is finally here and the Slender Fungus are stirring about as we come alive this time of year from our hibernation in the heat of the summer.

I had a bad crash on the bike this morning involving a poochy. Will post about this very sore but no broken bones.

IA ride soon, get at me if you are coming.

- Cookie


  1. what flavor beer? I love the IPA's this time of year.

  2. I hope you killed that fucking dog in the crash.

  3. Sir Buffington I am drinking the Surly Furious from your of my favorites! Hope you are well buddy!

    Ari - Ankle is very sprained, riding haults