Free Your Mind, And Your Legs Will Follow

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Third Times A Charm. Iowa destroyed us.

Ari is a tiny neon blur in the background, horrible hill

Our latest edition of Iowa riding was the most scenic and most brutal. What started as a fun day with great friends ended with two wimpering baby boys who were walking their two wheelers up monster hills in the whipping wind of the Iowa countryside. The only thing that kept us going was our determination and attitude that we will never give in and always finish a ride that we start. Ari proved this attitude last year on the DK200. We laughed as we bonked so hard, SO HARD, there was no power in my legs and we were utterly destroyed from the Iowa rollers. The sick thing about this was that we were laughing about it and ENJOYING IT!!! what the f@#k.....we like this kind of shit I guess. I really enjoyed riding with my buddy Rob who left us 30 miles earlier out of the total 85 that Ari and I completed. Rob had a look on his face that he was shut down as he headed 20 miles back to the car (of course I think he gave some trucker a "favor" for a free ride....sicko). I also enjoyed the company of TJ and Gumby. The men of our TI support crew. I always enjoy hanging with these two and I knew we were in for an awesome day. And don't forget the bonk king. This guy just shows up and goes. He lives for the gravel rides....he breaths it.....he never claimed to be fast but you sure as hell can always count on that bad MF'er to get out there and ride. I commend him for this and enjoyed time spent drinking beers and talking about life with him. What a great day we had with....truly....some of my best friends. 

Riders: Rob from J-ville, Bonk King, TJ, Gumby, Ari, Cookie

Miles: TJ & Gumby....60 ish, Bonk King 50-55 ish, Rob...75ish, Ari and Jay 85'er bonker

Planning another trip, sack up

- JB


  1. How did I end up with 10 less? Miles spent laying on a truckers lap still count!

  2. These rides are historical. One day, when we are in a hospice, we will remember them while we drink endless amounts of Templeton Rye. Thanks to all of you for participating. Thanks Cookie for staying to the bitter end.