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Monday, March 25, 2013

Searching for Dirt

David Swanson told me of a 25 mile gravel loop that he had pieced together over in Harvard, IL. After having a herniated disc this week I was slow to rise and stretch my back out. After an hour of stretching my back loosened up and I felt like I should get some miles in. I met David over by Harvard and we cruised some pretty neat roads that he has linked together. As usual the weather was miserable and we battled horrible 25-35 mph winds. I saw a huge wood pile that must be 50-70 ft tall shown in the bottom is huge. It was neat cruising on some new just to stay healthy before the big dance and get some more miles in. 

- JB

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  1. That would have been cool to check that out. Good luck with your presentation tonight. If you didn't live a million miles away I would have loved to join you. Don't forget your Slender Fungus Jersey!
    Make us proud.