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Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Tune Up

I was able to get out for a good ride on Sunday. The plan was to meet on the Woodstock square and cruise up around Lake Geneva, WI from there. The morning started off at 23 degrees with a strong wind out of the north east that had wind chills in the teens. Ari, Bonk King, David, Ray, and Molly joined me for a cruise up to the WI border. Molly, Ray, and The Bonk King flipped when we got outside of Lake Geneva and headed back home. David, Ari, and I headed west on the green bikes. David was on his Salsa Mariachi and Ari and I were on the single speed cross bikes. We headed through Fontana and then up into Williams bay and around the amazing snake road in Lake Geneva. We then looped the entire lake and headed back the same route we came up to get Ari back home in time. We left Ari and he had 65 miles. David and I cruised through Bull Valley and David headed home with 77 miles under his belt. I wanted a hundo and kept riding until I got it. The new Gunnar felt great and my legs felt like I had more to give which was a good sign going into the Trans Iowa. All those 1000+ miles riding the pugsley as a single speed this winter paid off. Was glad to catch up with my friends and enjoy a nice day on the bike. Get out there folks!

- JB


  1. The coveted Hundo finally arrives. Good riding with you guys. I actually started feeling better the more we rode. I guess I warm up very slowly. Must be my old age.

  2. I have heard that snake road in Lake Geneva referred to as suicide hill. It is unbelievable.