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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fattening Canopy


Fall is by far my favorite time of year and I love riding the trails when they are all covered in the dead leaves. I love to layer up in wool and knickers and start kinda chilly and gradually warm up with a hint of chill still in the air. I love how you don't get overly sweaty this time of year and you can feel comfortable riding all day. 

I took the day and rode up at the Canopy Tours in Lake Geneva. This has been my favorite somewhat local trail system by far. It is so versatile and you can ride all day for $5. I met Josh up there at 10am with the Raleigh doggy. Josh has been taking his dog Raleigh on mountain bike trips for a few weeks now and he is actually really good to ride with. We would ride and Raleigh would run up the trail and then come back and run along side us. He is the fastest dog I have ever seen. Josh even got him special booties to run in so he doesn't hurt his paws. They did a lap with us and we ran into Jameson, Michelle, Mike, and Andy from Backyard Bikes. We rolled with those guys and then cruised to Josh's house to get a cassette spacer for Mike's bike. We then rode over to the Grand Geneva trails and completed a lap there and I said bye to the guys and rode back over to Canopy and completed another long lap. I had 30 miles total of road and trails combined. 

I hadn't had a chance to get out a lot this week so a long ride today was perfect. Such a great time of the year and the fat bike works great on the trails. Let me know if you want to ride with me sometime and I can show you around the Lake Geneva trails, they are a ton of fun!

- JB

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