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Monday, October 28, 2013

Sunday Buddhist Ride

Initially, I planned to ride out to the Great Western Trail to meet my friends at 8am and I planned on leaving around 6 am. I just got a new phone and am not sure how it fully works yet so the alarm did not go off. I woke up at 7:05 and figured I could still drive out and meet the guys. So, I showed up right at 8am and changed real quick. TJ, Bonk King, Ari, Ron North, Jakey and Agatha were waiting for me. We cruised on the trail and headed west of Sycamore, IL. Ari and Ron had ridden since 5:30 am and I was jealous of their effort. We ended up at a Buddhist temple in Cherry Valley IL and spoke with a nice gentleman about the property. We were tired from the headwind we encountered heading west. We flipped and had a really nice tailwind. I was shocked to see I had almost 40 miles at this point because the day had gone by so quickly. We took a northern loop back to the car and ended the day with 7 hours and 90 miles. This was the longest ride I had in a while and it felt good to get out, so thanks guys for the ride! Also, a big thanks to my best bud Ari for framing an awesome picture that Jason Boucher shot of me at Trans Iowa. A real honor. Thank you! I have some really great friends!

- JB

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