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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dec 1st Canopy Slusher

Had a great time riding for 3 hours at the Lake Geneva Canopy Tours. My local trails. I met Ray, Ryan, Lance, and the Butcher up at the trails at 10pm and we rode for 3 hours with a few hike a bike sections and some stops as the trails were really greasy from the warm temps the past few days. The sections that were still snow covered and frozen were absolutely perfect and we explored a lot of the trails. Had a great time with those guys and we had a blast out on the trails. Ryan, Ray, and I proceeded to the BBQ King behind my apartment as we do many times after a hard mountain bike ride. We had some chili mac and some drinks and then proceeded to bar hop while watching the Bears game. We had a blast and it was fun hanging with those dudes, all in all a great time with some great friends. Fat bikes are the only way to go. 

- JB

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